Dragon Ancestral Blue Katana

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The tsuba of this ancestral katana is adorned with a dragon motif. This is another characteristic of this classic Japanese sword. Its blue blade is well forged by hand after being clay-tempered according to a thousand-year-old tradition. A long and meticulous polishing process is carried out by a master togishi, a specialist in the polishing of sword blades. The blade's steel contains a high proportion of manganese, for added strength.

The dragon is a motif widely used in Japan as a symbol of strength and courage. This legendary animal is reputed to be the guardian of the sky gods. It is often benevolent and supposed to be a favorable omen. All good reasons to place it on a valiant samurai's attribute.


  • Material of the blade: manganese steel
  • Weight of the katana: 1.3 kg
  • Sheath: solid wood, color
  • Handle: solid wood, one wrap cord
  • Tsuba: copper alloy
  • Dimensions

  • Overall length: 103 cm
  • Length of the handle: 26.5 cm
  • Length of the blade: 71 cm
  • Width of the blade: 3.2 cm
  • A purchased katana =

    + 1 silk storage box
    + 1 (random) cotton bag
    + 1 unique stand

    For production and delivery, our team needs between 7 and 18 working days*.

    Our katanas are handmade and forged in the Japanese tradition. They are then stored in our Chinese warehouses.

    All of our Katana swords have a full tang construction. We meticulously handcraft these blades, ensuring that the blade extends seamlessly into the handle. This not only enhances their durability and resilience for training purposes but also pays homage to the traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

    On request, we can provide you with a certificate of authenticity for our katanas. This certificate will include a detailed description of the katana's configuration and the producer's signature.

    We carry out careful and fast shipping of our katanas with UPS delivery service.

    This situation is very rare, but it can still happen. As described on the "Warning" page at the bottom of our website, the buyer, not the seller, must bear the cost of customs clearance.

    In Australia, katanas fall into the category of "controlled weapons". Contrary to popular belief, the sale of controlled weapons is not totally banned in Australia. However, the purchase of a katana is subject to age restrictions, limited to adults aged 18 or over.

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